Accessing Sensor Data using HTTP Requests.

Product Application Notes

Sensor data can be retrieved from the ENVIROMUX® Server Environment Monitoring System using the HTTP requests shown in the table below. The value for "s" is the value of the sensor. For example, to access the current value for External Sensor number 1 you can use:

http://[ip address of the ENVIROMUX-SEMS-16 to access]/ext_sens_val.html?s=1

Type Value Status
External Sensor ext_sens_val.html?s=0 ext_sens_stat.html?s=0
Internal Sensor int_sens_val.html?s=0 int_sens_stat.html?s=0
Power Sensor pow_sens_val.html?s=0 pow_sens_stat.html?s=0
Digital Input dig_inp_val.html?s=0 dig_inp_stat.html?s=0
Output Relays rly_out_val.html?s=0 NA

Example application

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