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Commutatore console seriale SSH

Gestione remota RS232 con Secure Shell

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Console Switches

Also known as: Remote Network Management Console Switch, console port switch, serial port switch box with Secure Shell,
SSH console switch, SERIMUX SECURE, RS232 Terminal, Ethernet Terminal, Ethernet TCP/IP color terminal,
TCP/IP terminal, thin client, terminal converter.

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console serial switch
Console Serial Port Switch

console serial switch
The SERIMUX® Console Switch gives IT managers the ability to cost effectively manage serial devices, including servers, switches, routers, and telecom gear. Administrators can individually access and configure each port. The switch is controlled via an ASCII terminal with menu-driven integrated software, or by the front panel keypad.
Console Serial Port Switch with SSH

The SERIMUX® Secure SSH Console Serial Switch delivers secure management of up to 32 serial devices via the internet, TCP/IP network, or dial-up modem connections. It combines the advanced security of Secure Shell v2 with unlimited access to remote network management.