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divisore PS2 KVM, divisore USB KVM

più tastiere monitor mouse condividono un computer

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KVM Splitters Keyboard, Monitor & Mouse Splitters

Control one computer from multiple locations.
Share computer: Multiple keyboards and monitors control one computer.

Also known as: Reverse KVM Switch, keyboard-video-mouse splitter, KVM splitter,
multiple keyboards monitors mice share one computer.

Additional Product Information

View Product Perspective Product Perspective (PDF): KVM Splitters
Multiple keyboards and monitors control one computer
VGA USB KVM-Splitter

USB KVM-Splitter
VOPEX® KVM splitters allow up to four keyboards, monitors & mice to control one PC. Access one computer from the office, shop floor, board room, etc.
VGA PS/2 KVM Splitter

PS/2 KVM-Splitter
The VOPEX® USB KVM splitter with built-in USB hub allows two users (two USB keyboards, USB mice and VGA monitors) to access one USB enabled computer and up to three USB devices (printers, scanners, security cameras, etc.).