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Options for Video Matrix Switches

Desktop Enclosure

VEEMUX optional desktop chassis
VEEMUX® SM-8X4-15V-LCD-DT (Front & Back)

Desktop Video Matrix Switches

NTI Part # Inputs Outputs WxDxH (mm)
SM-4X2-15V-LCD-DT42 254x196x83
SM-8X2-15V-LCD-DT82 254x196x83
SM-4X4-15V-LCD-DT44 254x196x83
SM-8X4-15V-LCD-DT84 254x196x83

Compatible Video Cables

Male to Male VGA

Part # Length (m) Part # Length (m)
VEXT-3-MM 0.9 VEXT-35-MM 10.7
VEXT-6-MM 1.8 VEXT-50-MM 15.2
VEXT-10-MM 3 VEXT-75-MM 22.9
VEXT-15-MM 4.6 VEXT-100-MM 30.5
VEXT-25-MM 7.6

Male to Female VGA

VEXT-3 0.9 VEXT-35 10.7
VEXT-6 1.8 VEXT-50 15.2
VEXT-10 3 VEXT-75 22.9
VEXT-15 4.6 VEXT-100 30.5
VEXT-25 7.6

Male VGA to BNC Video

VINT-5B-6 1.8

Infrared Remote Control

  Infrared remote control for video matrix switches
  • Up to 64 inputs and 32 outputs can be controlled.
  • Transmitter can be up to 15 meters away.
  • Control up to 4 switches with one remote.
    • Controls a maximum of 64 inputs and 32 outputs.
  • Add "-IR" to part number to specify this option.